Affair Dating

Affair dating? Check here first!

Cheating websites are on the rise. If you've been scouring the internet in the name of intimacy, freedom, a fun experience, and a break from routine, you may have seen dating sites that promise to open that door.

And if you're married, you may have the urge to browse affair sites. Many affair websites say they can give you the connection you're yearning for - but are they legit? It turns out that the best place to look for affairs isn't where you'd think. To bring life to a new relationship outside of your marriage, turn to the online dating hub with the kinkiest user base around: FetLife.

What is FetLife?

A site built for the kink/BDSM lifestyle, FetLife may not seem like a place to find a close encounter. But with a sense of adventure, anyone can see the benefits of membership.

There's a lot to love, including the power of anonymity here. Most dating websites require personal information or a photo of your face - but not FetLife. A member of this platform gets the joy of flirting without divulging a phone number or identifying knowledge.

If you want, share nothing. Wives, kids, dollars in the bank, children on the way? Those cookies of information are all under your own copyright lock and key. Privacy is one of FetLife's primary features. When you join, you don't need to post a selfie. All you need are photos that give potential partners an idea of your top needs and thrill. Use a throwaway email address to start meeting new honeys. In no time, you'll have a relationship with some lady whose touch ignites you in a way your husband never could.

With FetLife, the priority is on adult connection and communication of all kinds. Honesty is encouraged in a way that online dating never makes room for. The concept here is for people to build sexy community without feeling shame.

Encounters unfold everywhere, from the United Kingdom (including Ireland) to Canada to Australia. English isn't the only language spoken on FetLife, either. And because it isn't a traditional dating site, connect with men and women from any area.

Best of all? Every part of it is free. Messaging, forums, all of it - even pictures.

Be careful when you click a link though; FetLife is one of the most NSFW companies around. Your front-page media will burst with people whose clothes are missing. The more active your profile is, the more your front page will push least favorite kinks to the side, and feature women and others exactly how you love to see them.

FetLife is no eHarmony for a traditional relationship; it's a bunch of kinksters - and the decisions men and women make there will expand your sense of desire. So speak the language of your heart, and ignore consequence. The world of kink has your back. As long as all individuals consent to the nature of your romance, there's no error in the details of your lust. So break the rules. Find satisfaction. Pump adrenaline through your body by doing things in your home city that your spouse would never try.


Unfortunately, since FetLife isn't a traditional dating site, it's more like kinky Facebook. While there are men, women, and more looking for a relationship (or relationships), the purpose here is more centered on finding other members who share your feelings and fantasies.

Because it's not for dating, subscribers can't view matches in a Tinder structure or anything like that. Instead, you search for hookups through networking social groups that meet IRL and online. And women, look out. Since there's no match feature, you'll get links to 'gifts' in the form of dick pics.

Apps like this aren't traditionally-offered services on an Apple or Android system because the level of kink violates their Terms of Service, so neither iPhone nor Android offer an app version. This beacon of kink is only accessible on a computer.

But out of everything about this site, the range of preferences might be a turnoff. If you're not very kinky, every option and setting can result in a reeling mind. The majority of FetLife users relish the options, and many accounts go beyond your average fantasy. A person who's vanilla may not get the attention that their kinkier counterparts do. The reason: kinksters know what they want.

That being said, experts agree: kink is a broad brush. It's no big news that folks of every age are reassessing the terms of their desire. In many cases, old criteria and sex tips are going out the window in favor of a whole new list of individual desires. Kinks abound here, and you will definitely come across ways to get it on that you have no interest in. You might meet an interested partner who is far from your usual type.

Consider the quirks of FetLife a chance to broaden your circle and enjoy lots of experiences, or a tale for the ages. The process of understanding kink might be overwhelming, but if you ever lost, just remember: infiltrating marriages is probably someone's kink - and you're their opportunity of a lifetime.

What about Ashley Madison or Victoria Milan?

While researching these sites, I've realized one big thing - by and large 'affair dating sites' geared toward married people have achieved scam status for many reasons. Any website for cheating feature profiles of adults and singles who are meant to drum up excitement - but it's a fact that most are inactive or fake.

When Ashley Madison (rights reserved) was hacked in 2015, the hacktivists revealed not only messages, email addresses, private emails, and every security question and password. They uncovered something crazy within the company itself: out of every account, all those millions of people who underwent registration? Only 12,000 active users were ladies. All the other ones were men.

If you're a straight guy, that's a crisis of numbers. While this site is great for a man curious about having a hookup with someone of the same gender, men looking for a woman who isn't their wife won't have any luck striking up a conversation with ~girls~. Websites for cheating like this are designed for one thing: to trick men into giving them their money and confirmation email.

Curious about why? Take a look at the landing pages of popular websites to cheat. Every affair dating site out there has a sexy woman on the front page, and promises men some women too meet that night for dating. While that seems great, flip it. If you're a straight guy, would you sign up for a website featuring a sexy, oiled man, with a slogan like, 'Women, get your man tonight on this website to cheat?'

I didn't think so.

When a site isn't advertised for them, women just won't sign up. Plain and simple.

Your chance is approaching

Forget Tinder. Women, men, nonbinary folks, and couples are out there looking for a friend like you to contact them with spicy offers they can't refuse. Whether you're thirty-three or seventy-two, the opportunity for quelling your loneliness is in your neighborhood. Put the decision to rest. Message someone on FetLife, and change both of your lives with just one kind and bold word. That relationship is out there; all you need to do is put in the work.

And it turns out, you'll find that affair in the unlikeliest of places.