Should I be on Fuckbook?

Looking for a fuck buddy with no strings attached? Fuckbook is a hookup culture dating site made for anyone looking to get laid or meet fuck buddies. But is Fuckbook legit, or is it just another online dating scam that only yields a ruined reputation and plenty of money drained from your wallet?

Don't take your chances; study up first with this thorough review detailing my experience using a Fuckbook account in the quest for a hook up.

First Glance

When I first started looking around on this dating site, the Fuckbook homepage reminded me of every other fuck app that's come our way in the past decade - not a point in favor of this hookup app. Like all platforms, the front page features a sexy woman and the promise of a fun encounter with a new sex partner. While I wanted to believe in Fuckbook, my expectations were low, since all ads were geared toward only one demographic of casual sex seekers: straight men.

Here's a reality check: I've scoured countless dating apps, sex apps, and every category of online, no-strings-attached sex resources out there - and I've learned something. When dating sites' layouts are designed with only men in mind, other genders won't register.

After all, how many women are interested in becoming members of a sex app that refers to them as 'females,' like they were cattle? You don't see ads on adult blog sites promising women to 'meet n fuck males,' do you?

It's not that women don't want casual sex. If anything, we crave it. It's that a site designed with no interest in the terms women would like to set for sexual encounters just won't entice women, and that's a fact. Fuckbook is guilty as charged. From the get-go, Fuckbook fails in its commitment to drawing other genders. If this were a platform designed for men looking for dick, then it would be a great idea. But the Fuckbook layout clearly is making an effort to lure straight guys online.

Women won't sign up for a site that calls them 'sluts' and whose fantasies overlook their preferences, Dudes hoping for 'girls' and 'pussy' will sign up, but not women. If left to their own devices, women want hookup apps that were clearly made with their sex drives in mind too - and Fuckbook falls flat as a dating app.

At first glance, I doubted Fuckbook would deliver connection - but curious, I input my email address to browse all the categories of profiles across their user base.


To find out if my feelings about this sex website had weight, I became a member with my own Fuck Book profile. There's no app version and you can't access it on your mobile device, so you're stuck with the desktop version. First steps include a basic question to answer: whether you're someone interested in 'men, women, or couples.' Maybe a sex party isn't off the table through a Fuckbook account, then...

Making an account takes less than thirty seconds. Use a password, indicate your gender, and just like that, you're profile is up. Beef up your profile so people know the real you, and include things like your age, location, and what you're looking for. The photos in your feed are for adults only, so browse carefully. Add details to the filters to find different types of posts from people around the world.

As you browse Fuckbook, check the menu bar on the right side to see people that the site claims you're 'friends' with (although you never exchanged messages or made a match with them before). This list of people on this sex site, who, out of millions of accounts, are somehow already your friend or potential fuckbuddy is strange, especially considering that everyone on that sidebar was offline. Not a single username was available to chat - and there was no way to find out if there were a lot of people using their account, or only one profile in your search area was online.

The menu on the left lets your account access a few services for your horny convenience. You won't find escorts (community guidelines in most countries order against actions like that), but you will find lots of other ones that seem great - until you look closer:

  • Live cams to see a wide network of women on video sounds promising, but the link is broken. No videos for this account.
  • Find love is a link that sends you to another paid site. No thank you, Fuckbook.
  • Free porn app - in theory. As is the case for a number of these tabs, I was led to another site that wasn't Fuckbook anymore to pay for a new account. Same site as last time: jeodo.sexxclub.net.
  • Men's health is another Fuckbook section that redirects you to Jeodo.sexxclub.net. Maybe they have another copyright on it? Either way, I'm not paying.
  • Adult games sound fun, but don't be fooled. There's no game here. Instead, Fuckbook just opens a new tab to, you guessed it, jeodo.sexxclub.net to create a new account.

Nothing in the left sidebar at Fuckbook was worth any user's while.


If, for some crazy reason, you're still called to pay for Fuckbook services, here are the two different ways you can pay. No Fuckbook Silver or Fuckbook Gold here, just monthly or quarterly options.

  • Monthly: $29.95/month, billed every 30 days.
  • Quarterly: $14.95/month, billed once every 90 days at $44.85


There are very few things to like about this site. One plus is seeing someone's 'site karma.' By engaging with other users through blog post content, and comments, users gain a little crown on their profile to let others know that they treat their account like other social media, and are actively messaging and sharing a ton of goodies across Fuckbook with multiple contacts. This would weed out genuine partners from fakes - if the site worked.

But I can't name any positive experiences on Fuckbook. The heart of this site isn't helping people build a fuck buddy relationship with someone. But there is one thing you get: free pics of many a girl and guy that you'd never find on Facebook.


Don't believe that Fuckbook is 'no strings attached.' Once you pay for the premium, it's only a matter of time before you'll be begging for your rights to cancel your subscription, and you'll have no option but to jump through their hoops in hopes of getting the attention of customer support.

I also can't stand their 'Icebreaker' Feature. This insidious thing invades privacy and dupes saps. Someone will friend request you or send you something like a message or sticker (which, of course, you have to pay to see). This entices you to sign your life over for membership, no matter the amount, when in fact the majority of connections you made across the globe were set up by the Fuckbook automated response 'team.' For Fuckbook, bots aren't the problem: their fabricated user activity is.

And when you look at the profile they've auto-matched you with, you'll realize Fuckbook doesn't choose a match that benefits you both. Their process makes no sense, and isn't rooted in your home place. You may be shown people from a variety of countries like Canada, Australia, or India, when you live in Belgium.


Fake contact of this kind with someone sharing a scintillating photo or two on Fuckbook may fool some folks - but not us. Anywhere you look on the site, the words don't add up, and hopefully you've realized you need to stay far away.

I did my part for y'all. It would take days to list off the ways this website matches absolutely nobody for casual sex or flirty relationships, but I'll keep it short. Suffice it to say that, as of July 2020, Fuck Book is only good for one thing: stealing users' credit card information. If you're looking for ~fuckbuddies~ and hookups, you're better off perusing the options on Tinder.