Snapchat Cheating

Is your partner Snapchat cheating? Here's how to catch someone cheating on Snapchat

You love your significant other deeply - more than anyone out there. But they use Snapchat all the time - and they never want you to use their cell phone without you opening the exact app you need. Suspicious much? If you think your significant other is actually a Snapchat cheat, then get your best friend on the line and talk it out with them as you look for these eight signs.

While this article can't serve as a total report on all the data about why someone might have a secret Snapchat, consider it advice, or an internet research guide to study before jumping right to conclusions that your lover is Snapchat cheating.

1. They don't let you use your phone

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. That's what my mom always told me, and anyone who's having an affair or Snapchat cheating will hide something on their social media platforms. To get an idea of whether this is your partner or spouse, think about this: is there a trend of possessive behavior around their relationship to their phone?

While there's often a reason for this possessiveness, feel free to question it. Your partner shouldn't have concern over you using their iPhone or Android for an innocent activity like getting a location or finding one of their contacts. If they do, you may have some issues you both need to talk out.

2. They have all notifications hidden

There's a chance this means nothing. The person you love may hide the apps' popups not because they're a cheating spouse, but because messages and personal information shouldn't be a public concern. But if other things have you wondering if they're Snapchat cheating, then hidden notifications is just another point against them.

Before you jump to anything rash though, think about what else your boyfriend or girlfriend may be secretive about. Is there a consumer reporting agency trying to get in touch with him? Is he, under the fair credit reporting act 15 USC 1681, trying to figure out his credit score through consumer reports? Or did he just get a message that, because of his shoddy consumer credit, he didn't pass a tenant screening with his credentials? This method of secrecy could have nothing to do with cheating on Snapchat, and everything to do with his own money decisions or a sick family member. The only way to find out is to ask.

3. You don't have their password

Look, everyone has a right to a life separate from their partner. People need to trust their lovers, and you don't need every password to every app to feel secure in a relationship. But if you're six months in and still not allowed to unlock his phone to take a quick picture with it, then here's a disclaimer: that's some evidence your partner doesn't want to give you a full representation of their activities.

4. They follow a lot of people you don't know.

If they're sending their friend emojis of dogs and text messages via Snapchat with their bestie, your wife doesn't use Snapchat to cheat. Following friends and partners' acquaintances is not a sign of Snapchat cheating. But if across their social media profiles, you have concerns your partner is spreading heart emoji after heart emoji to different accounts or one particular username you don't recognize, you may be justified in your concern.

Have reasons to believe your partner is a cheating Snapchat jerk? Look for their Snapchat using their different email addresses (and double-check the accuracy of each account). If you see row after row of cuties in their sidebar, they may be using Snapchat to flirt - or worse.

5. They have a Snap Streak with someone else

A Snap streak means something. To get one, you have to exchange photos or videos with another user every day and have a heavy history shoved into your inbox. If you're doubting the integrity of your relationship with your husband, check his Snapchat history. A cheating partner will exchange cheating snaps with many people at once, treating it like a digital, social media version of Tinder.

With your partner's Snap Streaks, check if they're playing those fields. Do the users they're on streaks with look like a lover, or just someone they met from past employment, or an old classmate-turned-writer who they're keeping in touch with?

Bring it up with a few comments. It doesn't have to be confrontational. While you're looking over a menu for dinner, for example, say something like, 'I didn't realize you had such a number of Snapchat streaks on the app! Looks like I have to get a few more of those myself.'

How do they react? Do they laugh and suggest you start being more active on the app, or are they defensive, demanding a reply when they ask why you're browsing their posts? If so, you may want to examine the purpose of their deflection. They could be laying down law and order as one of their methods to keep you from browsing the app and website too closely.

6. Their Snap Map is off

All rights reserved, but while the company claims it's a service to help others meet up, we know the true uses of Snap Map. Kind of like a truthfinder, this is one of many devices men and women use as a kind of insurance against their partner's infidelity. Snap Map is a way for two or three or more people to connect and see what place their friends are frequenting. Although it's not listed in the terms of use, it also is a substitute for a PI, taking your sleuthing to whole new levels.

Thanks to Snap Map, you have the option to see what part of town features in your partner's list of haunts, just in case you don't trust that they're not giving secret lovers gifts. If it's off, they may just be hiding something.

7. They have a secret email address

If this is a thing that has happened in your relationship, I may need to state the obvious: your partner has a secret - and they don't want your attention on it. It's normal for people to have multiple e-mail addresses. But if your partner has a separate one you stumble across on accident, they may be using it for some online gambling app - or for Snapchat cheating.

But don't jump to conclusions; communication is key here. Curious? Ask about the email address, and see what they have to say.

8. You've never been a pic on their Snapchat

Okay, if there's any indicator that you're going to catch someone cheating on Snapchat, this is it. Most folks agree, that the character of your relationship hinges on this issue. Pictures of your partner should pop up for all the world to click on whenever the opportunity arises.

I'm not saying every picture should be a worship piece. That's unhealthy. But on Instagram and Snapchat, cheating people don't post pictures of their man ever, if at all. Someone cheating is a million times more likely to post photographs of a friend's dog than they are to post a picture of their partner, complete with tags.

Social media shouldn't matter when we're looking for the fire in our relationship, but Facebook culture has shaped the manner of our insecurities around intimacy. If you wonder why your partner doesn't post you in their stories, tag them in yours, and mention them by name, Remember, Snapchat may be a tool for cheating, but it's also a way for you to do your due dilligence and post content where you feature your partner, too.

We all know: Snapchat is for cheaters

Although there are many a way users can exchange snaps, the truth is out there: a cheater looks for more than friendship on Snapchat.

But let me clear the air here: if you're worried about all the ways your lover b cheating on Snapchat, then maybe it's time you had a come to Jesus with them. What form of happiness is a relationship that's like a chain whose links are broken? Trust is built through a variety of connecting activities - and one that has no copyright or warranty is communication.

So talk about it. Be vulnerable. And remember: you're better off alone than with a cheater.