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Best cuckhold chat site to try today

Looking for the real cuckold chat room experience, but not sure where to start? Well on this day, August 13, 2020, I'm offering up the juicy information you're after - for free. Cuckold wannabes and seasoned cucks - here's where you can type away with husbands, wives, bulls, and other cuckolds tonight. Forget porn - chatrooms are the thing of our hotwife fantasies.

The Cuckold Consultant

Want a cuckold chat without surrendering your email address? The Cuckold Consultant is one page that's sure to deliver, with several different rooms, all designed for your pleasure.

Registration is optional. When you sign up as a guest, input your temporary username, age, gender, and hit that register button - just like that, you're led to a list of chatrooms for unleashing your cuckold fantasy. The options open to you without having to set up a profile with regular account updates (and all the problems of having a profile or message history). If you want to stay anonymous with nothing linking you to your secret cuckold world, this is a great way to enjoy the NSFW views, read spicy comments, and engage in replies with your own story of the cuckold service life.

As a guest, you'll spend the first two minutes on mute. That way, you can see what everyone offers and form thoughts on the scintillating conversation as it unfolds. Once you're unmuted, you can engage with the other members without ever surrendering your name. Your internet record of website membership stays clear, but you get to watch people share photos of their wife or girlfriend to thirsty singles and cucks. All you need to do is follow the chat rules, or a staff member/community volunteer will bar your access to the chatroom in a snap. There are multiple cuckold chat rooms to choose from. While some require registration, there are a few you can participate in as a guest to your heart's content:

  • The Main Room: Enjoy cucks, bulls, and hotwives posting pictures and sharing naughty stories here, or see if there's someone looking for cuck matches in your area. Anything goes here, and you can expect to find several hundred people on here at any given time.
  • The Interracial Room: All cuckold chat specifically relating to interracial fantasies find a home here. While less popular than the main chat, you'll still have plenty of spicy messages pinging on your screen.
  • The Porn Room: labeled as a place for 'Tumblr refugees,' this is the place to go for all cuckold-related GIFs. Just be careful about copyright!
  • The Sissy Room: Into sissying? Check this chatroom for people who share your passion.
  • Cartoons & Art: For folks who love to draw their horny feelings out, check this chat to see the daily doodles and incredible artwork that spices up anyone's day.

For an even more tailored time, register an account. Then, you can access six additional chatrooms:

  • Verified Pic Owners: Once you've worked your way up in the community, you can join this crew of the cuck elite, who are verified to be exactly who they say they are.
  • Just Your Wife: No reposting here - just pictures of other people's real wives and girlfriends (with their consent of course).
  • Dice Game: Play a naughty game online with others in the lifestyle, and watch as the stakes get higher and higher.
  • Degradation: Looking for someone to humiliate you online? Relish the rush of shame to your cheeks in this chatroom.
  • Convo Club: If you need to troubleshoot or talk shop, the convo club is here for you. No pics allowed.
  • PC Control: For folks who want to be dommed from afar, this chat lets cucks relinquish control of their PC.

Before you write off a membership as something you don't want to buy - wait! It turns out this cuckold chat is...

...completely free.

Although many sites ask users to cough up money, the Cuckold Consultant instead gives a VIP account upgrade to couples or others who have high clout in the cuckold world. The conditions and terms are outlined for members on their FAQ page (check the left-hand side of their main page for the URL link), so you're clear on each new achievement there is to unlock.

Your privileges hinge on how thoroughly you take part in the database of chats. An administrator reviews all things and images you post, and as you engage more and receive 'Kudos' from the community, they'll unlock new features for you.

Once you register, the admin gods will also give you access to their forums, which cover everything from making girlfriends happy to hashing out the meaning of 'stags.' The only thing standing between you and these cuckold chat services is a password.

Have fun!

If you're of the appropriate age, you're ready to sign up and experience an unparalleled thrill on this cuckold chat site. Let us know your spiciest chatroom experiences in the comments below!