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Best swingers' app for spicing things up

If you've ever looked for apps and sites for swingers, you know how hard it can be to find one that actually delivers on their promises. If you're anything like most swingers out there, you've already been scouring every website looking for a space that honors your particular demand, and helps you get your party started. Unfortunately, it's almost a swingers' rite of passage to be burned at the hands of swinger-dating apps that promise the world, but deliver nothing more than lots of disappointment and subscriptions to email chains you can't seem to escape.

To make things even more confusing for the average kinky couple, some review articles lie through their teeth, creating reviews from thin air all in a popularity contest to get the most views. But not here. As someone who's been burned myself by fake reviews of products, phony member registration stories, and undisclosed membership fees, I'd never lie to readers; your safety and satisfaction is my top focus.

So if you're one of those adventurous couples who want to bring va-va-voom to their sex life by meeting other, real swingers, here are the basics of what you need to know to set you on the path to making friends, lovers, and so much more. Because let's get real: it's a wide, sexy world out there, and folks like you deserve a Tinder for couples.

So whether you're curious about non-monogamy, or well-versed in the lifestyle, here are the dating apps you should explore - and the ones to run far away from. Let's start with the bad news first...

Avoid these sites

Some apps look like gold - but the devil's in the details. While some apps serve as the road map to your fantasy, others only push you deeper into the woods and away from your ultimate threesome experience. Not every threesome app is created equal, so before you go giving your personal information over to an app that offers nothing but headaches, credit card charges, and embarrassment in return, look at this list of apps a swinging couple has no interest in being part of. Based on user feedback, these three websites have neither the right atmosphere nor present the best option to awaken your dream encounter.


As far as smartphone applications for open-minded swingers go, this one is a dud.

While it seems like such a spot-on name would have any app immediately raking in the gold, all you get is a bunch of empty space here. There isn't much to say about it, other than there's a reason it only has a thousand reviews in the Android app store. In such a lush market for swinging, an app needs to be stellar in order to stand out - and this one just doesn't deliver in terms of numbers, while making users pay for full app functionality. When there's little guarantee you'll actually meet a couple within a thousand miles of you, it's hard to see why you'd pay anything.

I bet if they quadrupled their numbers, this site would be worth the paid subscription, but as it is now, you couldn't even justify spending $4.9 9 a month on this app. Sad to say, but this is one site you're better off steering clear of - for now.

Swingers Date Club (SDC)

Looking for some open-minded connections? Well, you won't find it here. If you find any SDC swingers actually on his site 'for swinger dating,' let me know. I won't mince words: out of every site on this list, SDC. Com is the one that's the biggest scam of all - all rights reserved. There's not much to recommend when it comes to the SDC swing 'community.'

For starters, the user base here is just jam-packed...with what feels like 77 million scams. Straight males, prepare to encounter the possibility of fake profiles posing as solos and unicorns. Seriously - I'm not kidding. Honestly, this site is just another place eager to rob you blind. The publisher's familiarity with the scene only lends them to their ability to charge a ludicrous amount.

Not even available as an app, SDC is one area of the internet you're better off pretending you never saw.


This may seem like the right app for swingers to browse as far as more conventional dating apps go. Polyamory is part of the dialogue here, user data can be link two partner accounts easily so that you can show you're clearly dating or married to another person, and couples are encouraged to be here.

So why is it that this is one app to avoid for swingers? Although OkCupid is very open minded, it's an app geared toward finding love. Flying solo or with other people, you find relationships on OkCupid, and may not have much success looking for a hookup.

While there are plenty of poly people there, and locations around the globe have a vast network of thousands of people using the app, the content doesn't sync to swingers' needs. People on this site are looking for a deeper relationship, not a hookup. Whatever the reason for your swinging, make sure it's congruent with what users are looking for as well.

Not convinced? Look at the sheer number of questions the app asks couples while making their profile. Answer after answer serves to highlight your interests and make a meaningful impression on suitors. The questions help people filter by every feasible preference (not just orientation or a certain kink): cleanliness, booze limits, languages spoken, free-time activities, and more.

Most types of people here desire someone whose version of reality aligns with their own, and people from all orientations and backgrounds converge in this melting pot. You may swipe on someone vanilla who's looking for a family, and then the next person you're shown is into BDSM and has a ton of fetishes, plus a degree in human sexuality.

OKCupid is an incredible app for couples who want to pursue meaningful group chats and relationships in an open marriage, or even find a recurring unicorn. But if the only opportunity you want is to share your desires with hot men, women, or nonbinary honeys for a night of fun - then this one isn't the app for you.

Try these apps instead

A few duds doesn't mean the whole pursuit is off the table. When you're living your passions on your own terms, it makes a difference to explore your freedom by making dating profiles on apps that work for you. And these dating apps deliver the hookups you're after safely.

Many of the apps on this YES list feature a sweeping privacy policy, where you can hide your face on your profile photo if you need to (and flaunt that fancy dress of yours instead). This kind of forward thinking side steps any uncomfortable conversations and lets you enjoy max security as you explore.

You may have been scalded by the lies of the apps above, but you're in luck with these five places that not only are legit, but actually deliver everything you've been yearning for - and then some.


I'll cut to it: this site is great. It gives couples the exact experience they're after by letting people meet other swingers on this app for (mostly) free.

You heard me. Unlike other swinger and hookup apps, 3fun actually wants couples' sex lives to thrive for free, meaning you don't have to spend a nickel in order to search, match, exchange messages, look at someone's profile picture (and other pictures), and schedule dates with someone for your ultimate role play fantasy.

Perfect for one-night-stands, three-ways, four-ways, and spicy image exchanges, this app has a lot going for it. In fact, their only customers who rate them poorly on both Apple ios and Android seem to do so because of a recent mal-function issue. In July 2020, 3fun had an app update that caused people's devices to close out of the app repeatedly. Thankfully, developers were quick to reply to each review, and put in their best efforts to release a new patch to rectify people's negative experiences. As of August 2020, the problem was already solved.

Mostly free, good customer service team, and a system that has swingers' best interests in mind? Easy decision - now how do I sign up?


The app formerly known as thrindr, think of this site as the sexiest dating site designed with everyone in mind. Out of all the apps on this list, my favorite one has to be Feeld. Feeld is for the truly open-minded. Anything goes - anything. It helps that the whole purpose of this app is to give couples a hand in lavishing attention on new lovers in the bedroom.

Like all adult entertainment dating sites and apps these days, Feeld follows the Tinder format. You make a profile, swipe on matches, look at their photos, and set your spiciest profile pictures. Using your e-mail address, members can make an account and match for threesomes, foursomes, or moresomes with no one worrying about the stigma.

The creators of Feeld are especially concerned with combating all stigma. That's why this app has visibility for all kinds of people, religions, body types, and genders around the planet. They go beyond having a conversation about including gay guys or multiple races in their advertising. Instead, Feeld is a place that gives users dozens of options for describing their gender identity and sexual preferences, making Feeld the most inclusive app in this article. When you cut to the heart of the matter, isn't our sexual freedom only valuable when everyone is free too?

Signup is simple, and anyone with a Facebook can quickly join the sexual revolution, whether as a newbie or an old pro who's been swinging for a decade.


Are you a little old school? Looking to sate your curiosity and dive into that swinger lifestyle with all caution to the wind? The perfect site for a slightly more ~seasoned~ crowd of couples, SwingLifestyle (SLS) may not be a swinger app you can put in your pocket, but it is one of the classic ways to find people deep in the swinger lifestyle and build those spicy relationships.

What's old school and pleasant about this swinger community dating app is its commitment to connecting people to one another in the real world. Couples can meet other swingers through this site (even though it isn't an app) through regular engagement on the dating platform, where they share links to events in cities around the world, and many a state in the U.S.

A fun perk offered here? SwingLifestyle works in tandem with Topless Travel, a clothing-optional cruise line that has one mission: to cater to swingers like you. While you won't see many ads for these excursions in your morning news roundup, you can bet that a cruise like that would be the opportunity of a lifetime.


Living in the United Kingdom? Take your fantasies to a whole new level thanks to this site that is set apart from the pack. Many people overlook this site because it is a platform whose appearance makes it look like something singles would have used in the days of the flip phone. In reality, this dating app/site knows that looks aren't everything - and that if couples want to find people to hook up with, they don't need the highest technology possible.

Fabswingers is also committed to your satisfaction, and provides users with a plethora of places to meet for real swingers parties, and regularly hosts sanctioned group meetups or events for couples and solo adults eager for hookups in a variety of different locations.

Look, it may not look like much, and it doesn't come in app form, but this is one of those platforms whose features rank it among one of the few truly free swinger sites. Couples can browse, message, find partners, browse pictures, and access groups to join all for free in this swinger site.

Based on appearances and the general environment of this non-app-compatible site, it seems like the opportunities here are geared towards older couples looking to satiate their curiosities and deepen their connection to lovers old and new.


It may not be a dating app, but I couldn't resist throwing this gem your way. When you think of Reddit, the site where people pursue all kinds of issues and break down topic after topic, it may not seem like 'the front page of the internet' (all rights reserved) is the thing to reach for when looking to meet other people in similar swinging lifestyles, but you'd be surprised.

Reddit caters to every interest, and forum upon forum is used as a tool to provide folks with resources, services, and a sense of community - including the swinger forums, where a chat with another couple is just a few clicks away.

This friendly interface lends itself to spicy images and swingers connections all from the safety of one of the most reliable apps around. You'll not only find others to connect with on the app, but also learn about the community, troubleshoot any kinks in your poly lifestyle, and catch a spicy video or two uploaded by swingers like yourself. And since the site isn't a specific app for swingers, it's as discreet as having a Twitter, in comparison. Nobody will think a subscription to your Reddit updates sent to your email is weird, and any time you type in your password, people will just assume you're there to talk politics or woodworking. That's why Reddit's best feature may just be that little bit of extra privacy.

The only catch? Because this isn't an app specifically for dating, Reddit has no GPS location attached to posts, users can lie about their age (among other things) with the snap of their fingers, and there's little-to-no verification of users' identities. But to be honest, that's seldom an actualy problem.

To play safe, know which areas of Reddit are designed for swingers. And as always, remember that every Subreddit is different (that's part of the fun). Read the moderators' guidelines carefully, and honor their decorum every time.

Get on out there

Hey - everything's digital now. And as we're closer than ever to folks in the English-speaking world and beyond, you're just around the corner from messaging over 3 million cuties looking to explore their boundaries with you, and step up their swinger game. They're all waiting on these apps - so download one on your device and get in on the action.

Will you be one of the ones bold enough to change your style up and go for a new way to play on an app?

Let us know which app you're adding to your iPhone tonight!