Cheating App

Is there a cheating app for catching cheaters?

No one expects marriages to dissolve because of internet infidelity. That kind of thing happens to others, not you. But the truth is, many a couple encounters infidelity, including people who least expect an affair to destroy their marriage. But with phones and the computer offering link after link to singles in the area, the options may be too tempting for some to deny.

Have questions about your partner's fidelity? Stop reading articles about apps for cheaters. Start looking for proof.

Signs of a cheating partner

Worried you got a cheating spouse? Check these five warning signs:

1. They're too private about phone calls and texts

If they get messages they don't want you to see, they might be hiding something. Unless they're planning a surprise party, it's never okay to be so sneaky. Watch for their contacts and text history being withheld. Do they snag their phone off the table the second it buzzes? The details of those notifications could reveal troubling secrets.

Many things could cause them to smile while typing, but be suspicious when they won't say who's sending them text messages. For the record, your partner deserves a good amount of privacy. For example, asking them 'Who's that?' each time their cell phone pings will make them mistrust you. You can't expect to read all text messages, but if your partner acts fishy with each buzz, just ask what's up.

2. Your Facebook doesn't say you're dating

If you're both active on a site, your profiles better be linked. On Facebook, your relationship status (and possibly even profile photo), should feature one another. Likewise, their Instagram should have a few pictures of you, and users should see y'all leave a bunch of comments on each other's posts.

They should also be content with you tagging images of them. Many a user links their Tinder to their Instagram, and if your person is pretending they're single on an app, then they may be linking it to dating apps. Social media reflects your heart, and if your partner doesn't want to show whose team he's on, question their individual loyalty to you.

3. They have a secret email

Everyone has a spam account, but if your partner has another address they check on their mobile phone regularly that they don't tell you about, they may be using it on cheating apps or a dating site. Most dating apps (and sites on a web browser) require an email and password, and husbands may give a place-holder version of their email to keep activities secret from their family.

Another thing to look out for: their email address linking to a secret Twitter. Many a man or woman on Twitter uses the app to flirt with another member or post scandalous videos revealing their 'cookies,' so to speak. I could write a whole article on this. If they have a lot of types of profiles you can't get your hands on, then they're using those virtual locations to hide something, plain and simple.

4. They don't let you scroll through their phone - even to take photos

If your significant other won't let you even touch their cell phone, they might have incriminating files. While everyone has a right to their own things, being weirdly possessive over a phone may indicate your partner has a cheater app installed.

5. They have Snap Streaks with other people

Ah, the app for millions of cheaters worldwide. Snapchat is a top cheater app - the platform is basically designed for people to share nudes, since your content disappears after the message is viewed. Information deletes almost instantaneously, meaning they don't even need someone's phone number to play dirty.

Even though messages erase, you can still check their Snap Streak, a feature that reports the length of time two people have regularly swapped video chats via messenger. Thanks to Snap Streak, many people have caught their partner swapping nudes.

Phones and computers don't lie. If they've got side pieces in seven countries, you won't miss the truth pulsing on their PC.

Top app for identifying cheating - Spyic

If you mean business, there's a spy app out there that knows how to catch cheaters: Spyic.

This app tracks everything - call logs, social media deets, texts, GPS location, downloaded cheating apps. Spyic (all rights reserved) covers it all. The app has all sorts of uses, such as keeping an eye on your kids' mobile phone, or to monitor inappropriate use of a company phone. But people looking to catch their partner cheating have turned to this spy app as well.

Operable on both iPhone and Android, the app watches the data of any device on which it was discreetly installed, and works in a number of ways on any compatible smartphone. With top-notch technology, the app lets you track them down to the keystroke. Now, you can see what website they looked at, pin down their favorite tags on social media, and look at what kinds of chat topics take up their phone time.

But look out! As stealthy as this spying app is, it's not impermeable. This software may be sneaky, but your cheater could still find it on their end with the click of a button. Unless you're a security wiz, no app is impossible to find on your own cell phone. Any diligent cheater can locate the app on their screen under the settings or tool options.

Of course, though Spyic works hard to be stealthy, its appearance may be noticed if your partner is suddenly struggling with limited data on the iCloud. In those cases, their sleuthing around to free up space on their iOS might reveal the very application you were trying to hide. All that being said, Spyic is subtle, takes up minimal data, and is nestled deep in the 'target phone.'

And for some people desperate to track their love's messages, activity, and whether they've downloaded Ashley Madison makes this is one of those spy apps that's worth the hassle of surreptitiously downloading it.

Naturally, the contents of your lover's phone is a tall order that doesn't come cheap. Here are the numbers:

One month of spying on a single Android is $49.99. For a full year subscription, Spyic 'only' charges $119.99, or about $10.00/month. When it comes to Apple or Mac products, the cost climbs. iPhones cost more because the security systems on them are stronger. '

Not many people plan on watching their Google accounts and messaging history for that long, so you may need to get other tricks up your sleeve to pay less. Deciding whether so much money is worth finding out the truth is up to you.

Just a disclaimer: installing an app to catch a cheater isn't legal. Tracking features on someone's personal phone is an invasion of their privacy. But if you'll do anything to catch your partner playing the field, then you might be willing to play this risky game.

Is there a free app?

While there are some free apps for cheating, there isn't a single app for free that will catch your partner in the act or on a cheating app. There are no free apps whose reviews, credentials, ratings, and popularity make it a good option for catching your partner on the trail. One of the best tips to keep in mind? When it comes to stuff like this, paying for good tools is worth your while.

Communication is your friend

Affairs are situations everyone wants to erase, but you can't. So be brave - and talk to your partner. I'm not saying you're the reason your boyfriend cheated - but I am saying your communication has a hand in how your love life moves forward.

Have that vulnerable conversation together. You deserve the truth, and deserve to find out what's happening. Likewise, your partner deserves the benefit of the doubt. Tell them something has felt off. Signal that you love them, and you want the relationship to work.

Sometimes, someone who's cheating will be taken so off guard that their eyes will give away any lie. But other times, they may deflect. Ultimately, everyone knows their husband or wife best. and if you still have your doubts after a good heart-to-heart, then you'll need to go further and either find evidence or hop into the most helpful service for repairing broken relationships: couples' therapy.

Try therapy!

Spouses who've never tried therapy may have a host of hangups about talking to a third party, but anyone who's gone to it knows that therapy is the thing that glues partners back together. The power comes from your mutual dedication to do your part putting in the work and fixing each issue chipping away at your love. It may be the case that your partner has never had the chance to understand exactly what they need in love, or that they're holding a bit of themselves back, scared of vocalizing changes or desires.

Therapy is a vital step in repairing communications that can help you two recover your relationship. Relationships fall apart for a variety of reasons. But men, women, and everyone in between can repair their love in the same way: talking more.

You deserve better

At the end of the day, if you have your suspicions that you need to join the Jilted Wives' Club, then there's a possibility your relationship isn't worth it. There's a term in English for partners who cheat and don't want to improve your relationship: trash.

You're better than needing to download a spy app for cheaters or using Find Friends to get their GPS location. Stop losing your mind - and start gaining some dignity. You're worth a partner who takes your feelings and desires into account. If you're pretty sure there's a philanderer in your life, then dump the sorry person and start accepting applications for a new lover.

It's a fact: nobody deserves to be cheated on - and you're no exception. Stop worrying about how to access their private devices, and dust your shoulders off. If they cheated, the damage has been done - and the results will speak for themselves. Walk away, and show them that nothing they can say will keep you on a string, trapped as just another name in their list of lovers.

Good luck out there! The choice is yours and the world is your oyster. Will you choose a brave future?