Sexy Wife

Step by step guide to hot wife sex

Alright, men. You thirsty for women who love their husbands but need freedom? Are you a husband who wants your friends to witness the beauty of your girl mid-orgasm? If so, here's how to infuse your sex life with the ultimate hotwife fantasy.


If you can't give a solid definition of the word 'hotwife,' pause your fantasies. It's a fact: categories of desire like this end in disaster without doing your homework first. It's one thing for a husband to fantasize about wives who bake cookies for their husbands before practicing infidelity; it's another thing entirely to experience it in practice. A lot of times, men think bringing erotica stories to life in the bedroom is as easy as having a conversation - but research comes first.

Head online for encouragement and to learn about the true nature of a hotwife. Many people on Reddit and FetLife are active in the community, so make an account to search posts and responses from other couples whose kinky relationships thrive in this lifestyle.

If you're a woman looking to become a hot wife, read up on what other hot wifes have to say about their experience telling their husband about their preferences.

Continue your education by googling Alexis McCall. An author and expert on hotwife pleasure, McCall answers every burning question about hotwives on her own website and on Medium. She knows how to keep a family together while stepping into the swinger role, and tells you what you need to know for taking sex with hotwifes out of your head, and into the marriage bed.

Many people don't realize that hotwifery is an art, one that requires extensive knowledge to open the door to your fantasy. But when exploring your sexuality with your spouse, know this: leaving monogamy takes a lot of work, first.

Omit nothing; communicate everything

Everyone, listen up: this isn't a stuffy, English client/employer relationship. It's a marriage. The act of cuckolding may seem like a total surrender of control, but a cuckold sets each term alongside their hotwife. In all relationships, the wife and husband have equal footing when making the rules and giving one another permission. You're partners, meaning you both share power.

So lay it all on the table - but take your time. Couples often make the mistake of sharing too many fantasies at once. Go slow, and men, share your insecurities with your woman, too. Communication is the key difference between a hot wife relationship and an affair. Approval and honesty from both partners is the only way each partner can maintain good character.

Guys and gals, divulge your fantasy slowly. Ask your lady what experiences she craves - because, of course, the first step into this world is to find out what makes your husband or wife hot in the first place.

Look at hotwifing memes

Funny as it sounds, humor highlights common stressors and miscommunications. Hot wife memes highlight common issues in relationships - and can help you avoid the same mistakes.

Consider this content another way to continue brushing up on your hotwife literature. In many cases, the things we make memes about model the things we have on our mind. The photos used point to what a husband finds so attractive about a woman sleeping with other men, and may give you another fantasy idea to share with your partner.

**Be careful: the memes are very NSFW - so limit your data usage to outside the office!**

Make a Feeld account

Be bold. In order to meet a stranger and begin an ideal arrangement, take part in the hotwife community. Hop onto apps like Feeld and FetLife. Here, people have the same interest as you. As a husband, you can finally watch your wife get every bit of attention she deserves. Play the field, be honest about each kink, and feel the mutual attraction sizzle.

In case you're identified by a coworker, enhance your privacy with a fake name. Add lots of cute pics, and you're in. When looking for others to message, present your best self. Think of it as a couple ad, enticing someone to swipe on you. Help your wife pick an outfit that showcases her legs, add some jewelry that draws attention to a particular site, and watch her looks turn virtual heads. With this little marketing ads campaign for two, your hot wife will lure in a new catch in no time.

Something to remember? Before giving your number, make sure you're actually interested. Feel free to juggle five men before choosing which one your wife will take home. Also, when bringing another partner into the bed, guys need to be aware of safe sex practices. Get tested first, establish a safeword, make sure you're well-versed in the meaning of consent, and pop into the shop for condoms before the other man comes over.

With all these steps ticked off - baby, you're ready!

Best site to find real sexy wife videos

There's nothing better than sexy wives, and many people salivate at the chance to access hot wife videos. The problem? Most categories you search on YouPorn highlight channels only featuring intimate views of pornstars. While pornstars are great in searches sometimes, when you want genuine, wife-hot video content, it can be frustrating to only see perfectly polished pornstars whose porn videos have 1.4m views or 4.6m views.

Thankfully, there's another way - one that's free of ads, where you can experience porn videos, images, and other content made by the sexy wife next door. And unlike other potential recommendations for sexy channels, categories, and views to add to your browser, you may already have an account here: Reddit - the 'home page of the internet' used across the world, from the United States to Belgium to the United Kingdom.

I'm not making an error here. The data is in: Reddit's pages are swarming with everything - including hot wife/sexy wife pleasure tucked into categories across the site. Best of all, because Reddit features SFW content too, you can install the app on your phone to easily enjoy new activity from your favorite channels.

The best place to look for hot wifes and sexy wife content? the Subreddit /wifepicswapo. Primarily for English-language speakers, they may not cater to international or French-speaking crowds, but hey - you're not there for information; you're there for porn videos. These pics are the real deal, with domestic settings each sexy wife (and sometimes their husband) loves to get naughty in. Keeping the wedding buzz alive, couples and eager wives post all categories of pictures and close-up views for viewers - all for the price of a few likes.

Remember. These aren't pornstars. The porn videos and pictures you search through here are all real women who fit the description of a genuine, sexy wife. You won't find results with 1.2m views, 1.7m views, 1.8m views, 2.1m views, 4.9m views, or 5.9m views. Instead, these intimate channels offer English and U.S. sexy wife porn videos and pics with bodies of all categories. Nothing on this Subreddit has anywhere near even 24.6k views. In fact, it's so intimate that, at best, each sexy wife video gets 4.4k views to 5.7k views max. Intimacy is key - and videos can't get much more intimate than they do on channels like these.

As long as you follow the social code and share your views respectfully, you can leave comments on all search categories and videos that get your views. For a more intimate experience with a sexy wife, exchange your number or Kik to get private views of porn videos and pics of all categories (in exchange for some porn videos of your own). Search through /wifepicswapo to find a sexy wife looking to share with you tonight.

Reddit is nothing like the channels and pornstars you're used to. There's no 'product' here, no menu of categories. Just you, sexy views of hot wives, and all the unique categories they cook up for you. The only similarities you'll find? Like PornHub, Reddit uses cookies, tracking views. Every five days or so, clear your cache to keep your views and history private.

Skip the ads and pornstars; Reddit is where it's at for sexy wife content. Have a favorite Subreddit? Share it in the comments below!