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Top 4 sites featuring the hottest cuckhold stories on the web

The thrill of the forbidden, the interplay of power and surrender. The cuckold fantasy wraps many people in its grip, and short of actually indulging in the cuck life, there's no way to relish in the pleasures short of visiting the spiciest erotica sites.

If you love sex stories, you know that they've come along way on the web since your high school days. Nowadays, we have such a wealth of opportunities catering to every kink and impossible fetish that choosing between erotica and porn videos is no contest.

If you want to get the closest to the real experience as you can, you know that porn videos only get you close - but erotica takes you there, and is the magic password that lets you slip over into ecstasy. Well, allow me to point you in the right direction. If you're ready to surrender to the cuckold fantasy with just the power of your mind, then check out these stories brimming with cuckolding escapades that fall under every category (yes, even that one).


It almost goes without saying that this site is a classic choice for anyone who loves to read erotica. Skip the latest features on the home page and jump right to the 'loving wife' section, where you'll find everything you could dream of. Many stories are in chapter form, meaning you get cuckold stories about the same wife having sex with another man while her husband keeps getting shoved to the side. Like one series, 'The Secrets of an Indian Wife' by bluedott, where a woman steps into her sexual agency just as she steps out on her marriage in plans that lead to hotter and hotter events, including giving her first footjob. Mmm. The series-style of erotica lets you devour each passage like cookies from the bag, making them far more satiating than porn videos.

But the standalone cuckold stories are good too. Look for one about a woman named Andrea - and you'll wonder why you ever let porn videos suck up any of your time.

Literotica has a pretty endless stream of cuckold stories to pick from and savor, and if one isn't up to your liking, you can always keep scrolling and find something else. What's great about Literotica is how big of a name it is. Like YouPorn for porn videos, Literotica is the place to get it all, including cuckold stories, and you can even hunt down specifics like beach porn or sort them by the number of words. In order to get your hands on the top cuckold stories, choose ones that have 4.4, 4.44, 4.46, or 4.5 stars (or higher). Use their tags, too, to whittle down the results to exactly what you want

Best of all, these stories are great, but you don't have to worry about copyright infringement causing any story's removal anytime soon - unlike some of your favorite porn videos. Members upload their stories of their own volition, meaning when they're up, they're there to stay.


Reddit is the top place to go for unique cuckold experiences thanks to its cuckold story subreddit (r/cuckoldstories) where a man can retreat to find a group of incredible stories, with something sure to please every palate. With the help of other intuitive users around the world, you'll get fresh views and all categories of stories about hot wives, a couple exploring cuckolding for the fist time, a husband watching another man (or hey, two men) have sex with his wife, and more.

Some stories are true (like amateur porn videos for your mind), while others are prime cuckold content whipped up from the endless perverted things horny authors cook up in their free time. My favorite place on Reddit to find content ranging from humiliation to infidelity? This thread, where a horny cuckold asked other men (and probably a wife or two), 'What is the best cuckold story you ever read?'

Not everything may be to your liking, but it's a fact that everyone on this thread has a reason for their viewpoint. And if you have a story in mind plucked from the porn videos you've watched, you're bound to find some cuckold stories that put those porn videos to shame. Some people share links to famous sites like Literotica, while other cuckold fans share niche content written by a horny husband, wife, or bull whose sex life is pulled straight from the stories of porn videos and upended onto the page.

Many people link to their favorite series, too, so you can read about the same naughty housewife wracked with guilt as she cheats on her husband with her new boyfriend (or girlfriend) for three hot cuckold stories culminating in one erotic journey. Like a sexy virtual share session, these subreddits let you pass the mike around and divulge their favorite stories.

Cuckold Place

Want an intense fantasy that goes well beyond just the standard cuckold stories and porn videos featuring a cuck getting the spicy surprise of his best friend having sex with his wife? If you like the idea of something extreme, then Cuckold Place is the sexy house party you've been waiting for.

Cuckold Place takes part in sharing all the cuckold stories you can imagine - from light things like creampies to intense stories of castration - something you won't find in porn videos or most cuckold stories.

There are also cuckold stories without that pain-focused bent that still make cuckolds like you quake. These cuckold stories are often more cerebral, giving you a cuck's inner reflections about the humiliation (and the thrilling conclusion that follows) that comes from a man who's in a cuckold couple.

That's what's so great about cuckold stories; porn videos can't capture the humiliation of watching your wife get off on the cock of a stranger - but honey, that's what the doctor ordered, isn't it? For stories of friends, to money exchanges, to ones about going on holiday and being the cuckold, Cuckold Place opens the door to a world of cuckold stories beyond anything a man has experienced before.

Becca Bellamy

Want a woman to take those cuckold stories and bring them to life for you in real time? What if she could do it without you having to leave the bed or turn on your video camera? If that sounds like your ultimate fantasy, then your search is over.

Creating a cross between cuckold stories and naughty near-porn videos, Becca Bellamy is one name you can't afford to sleep on. Her website is bursting with juicy free cuckold stories, including one story featuring a wife who has sex with another guy and has her husband lick the cum out of her pussy.

But that's not what makes Becca Bellamy such a treasure among all erotica names out there. Instead, it's her Patreon that sets her apart, delivering content that will make you shiver more than porn videos ever could. If you sign up to be a patron, you get a string of good perks starting at different price tiers. For five dollars, you get...

  • Naughty cuckold tasks
  • Cuckold training tips
  • Advice on cuckolding

When you bump up your service to Becca Bellamy for ten dollars a month, she gives you all that in addition to 'a story with sensual, seductive pictures to thrill you' of at least a thousand words. And when you give her all your cuck devotion at just $15 per month, you receive all those previous perks on top of 20-30 'cuckold captions,' 'one captioned cuckold story,' and spicy pictures - every week.

She may be the only paid option here, but with such tailored content, it's easy to see why over 275 patrons have committed themselves to her. With all that creamy content Becca Bellamy puts on display for readers like you, I have a good guess you'll be crying out for more.

Go get your fill

These four sites are a window into the realm of cuckold stories - and they're better than any porn videos in town, even those with 2m or more views. If you want the spiciest experience you can get from the safety of your computer, browse these sites; they won't disappoint. I've shown you a lot of mine, so how about you show me some yours?

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